Hello and welcome! My name is Brandan Hoon and I created Wolf & Wilderness to be a personal blog and way to display my wildlife and nature photography. I find that roaming around the woods with nothing but the sounds of nature and my shutter is the perfect form of  solitude. I find the randomness and unpredictability of nature to be incredibly intoxicating. It’s moments like hearing the heavy breathing of a loon after its long dive for food, or spotting a massive moose that catches you off guard in the thick woods. I personally believe people need more of these experiences in life. It keeps one humble and helps provide a new vision of our life and shows just how good we have it. We need to make sure to take the day, the weekend or even longer to explore the wilderness. Escape the chaotic nature of social media and technology and engulf yourself in the beauty of the wild. 

There have been many times after a weekend of hunting or camping where I find myself in deep reflection for hours. It helps me appreciate the smaller things in life such as; the happiness of our pets at home, a warm house to sleep in, the love from our spouse. Heck, even hot water to shower with! It has always put things in perspective for me and shut my brain up with all of the other unnecessary complaints. 

At Wolf & Wilderness I plan to provide blog posts of these adventures in the wilderness along with accompanying photography. I want to show people that it’s important to go back to the roots of our ancestors with things like; how to build a fire, gazing aimlessly into the endless abyss of the stars, staying safe in the woods, etc… I strongly believe it to be necessary that we learn how to respect the wildlife and the land we have as we live around it.

I hope you will join me on this adventure and gain some knowledge about the importance of the wilderness. I plan to post weekly blogs and photography whenever possible. Thank you for your support and taking the time to visit the website! Now go out and explore the wilderness and I hope for you to find your own solitude in nature. Also, don’t forget extra batteries!